Ok, here is a snapshot version [1.0.5199.25379]


To create a new project use the menu bar Project->New. Enter your project name, change the project directory by pressing the button labeled '...' if you wish to.
At the moment it is an easy way to keep all your files together, you can add files to the project by either right clicking on a file in the File Explorer, or right clicking in the Project Explorer and picking whichever option you want (Add existing or Add new).
There will be a lot more being added to projects in the future

The latest changelog is display in the window while installing. Please uninstall any previous version first. If you wish to save your settings then find the settings.xml file in the program folder and put that somewhere safe. Install then copy the settings.xml back into the program folder.

This shouldn't crash, but there will be some things I've either not got around to completing or I've totally forgot about them, so, *anything* you come across that is not right, please contact me...


At the moment there is not quite enough error checking put in this, so if you receive an exception of any kind, please take a screenshot or copy/paste the error details and message or email it to me, thanks. If you have any problems.
And don’t forget the Donation button in Help -> About ;)

If you have altered anything in the Settings window, and would like to keep those settings, then please back up settings.xml.  Once you have finished installing you can put the settings.xml back.  The usual install location is C:\Program Files (x86)\1808 apps\Z80 Asm Editor\
Use the editor toolbar to compile/run, there are tooltips on it.  I will get round to hooking up the main menu eventually. Also, you can use the shortcut keys that can be set in the Settings window, usually F9/F10.
It uses .net framework 4 so that will be needed, although I expect you may already have it installed.  If there is anything totally wrong or crashing then just message me, and I'll look into it.
As I said, don't bother with the main menu unless you are wanting to get into the basic settings and about box for now,
Any comments, queries, bugs, improvements or feature requests you have can be messaged to me on facebook (www.facebook.com/polomint77) or email me on polomint77@hotmail.com or Skype me (username is polomint77).

With asm you should always make sure you are using an ORG address.  Also  if you place a label at the start of your asm file, and then place 'END label' at the end, then when you run in the emulator it will automatically do the RANDOMIZE USR label for you... e.g.
ORG 32768
<Your asm here>
END start ; This tells the compiler to create a .tap file that automatically does "USR start"



23 May 2014
**FIXED**: DELETE key wasn’t working, seems ok now
**UPDATED**: Just some refactoring to help with later changes to the code

3rd April 2014
**FIXED**: Assemble shortcut key not doing the same as the Assemble tool-button…

26th March 2014
**FIXED**: Odd behavior when closing unsaved files… I think it’s sorted but time will tell…

25th March 2014
**FIXED**: When creating a new file using project explorer, the highlighting was not enabled for that file
**ADDED**: ZX Spectrum 8*8px character editor. Can save to binary/defbs(txt), load binary, and send the characters (defb format) to the editor. Can also copy the defbs to the windows clipboard. It will use the last editor window you were active in.  NOTE: When you load a binary you *have* to know how many blocks are in the file being loaded!
**FIXED**: Infinite loop when dragging editor window outside parent window – I had left some debug code in, (Guesser)
**FIXED**: It was able to add items to project explorer even with no project created, (Guesser)

22nd March 2013 (RELEASED build 1.0.5195.34143)
**FIXED**: File Explorer not using System Theme colours (Guesser)
**FIXED**: Alpha-blending on project explorer file type icons
**ADDED**: Create blank files of a specific type (z80/65xx/text/680x0/include)
**ADDED**: Remove files from project
**ADDED**: Add existing files from file explorer and via a multi-select dialog
**ADDED**: Proper icons for the different file types, dark and light themed (thanks to Guesser)
**ADDED**: Project save/load
**ADDED**: Basic project support: NOTE! The project file layout may change in future releases
**ADDED**: Add to project from the file explorer window

16th March 2013 (RELEASED)
**ADDED**: Custom font selection for the output window and file list, selectable in Settings (karingal)
**ADDED**: Framework for license keys, for future use
**ADDED**: Proper display of version number (ardentcrest)

15th March 2013 (RELEASED)
**FIXED**: Saving settings sometimes failing (Guesser)
**FIXED**: defw was being ignored (Guesser)
**FIXED**: Crash if start in directory != program executable directory (Guesser)
**ADDED**: Custom font selection for the editor and the Live Info, selectable in Settings (karingal)
**FIXED**: Application runs as non-admin. Run as admin to be able to save in protected folders (Guesser)
** ADDED **: Keyboard shortcuts for menu actions, assembling and running
** ADDED **: New File Explorer
** ADDED **: Save/Load of settings...
**FIXED**: Not saving before compiling if document had no filename or had a filename but was dirty... 
**FIXED**: Crash when getting confused showing live view on blank document…
**FIXED**: Not recognizing mnemonics in UPPERCASE (karingal/Tygrys-speccy.pl)
**ADDED**: Code information, debug info from Pasmo (ardentcrest)

Hook up main menu
Make file support (running ‘make’) (Tygrys-speccy.pl)
Label completion (Tygrys-speccy.pl)
Snippet Editor
Control of emulator

[YES] – A source code repository to store handy routines for those new to .asm, and experts, J
[YES, EVENTUALLY] - Automatic updating to newer versions
[YES, EVENTUALLY] - Display .tap file contents
[MAYBE] - T-state display next to assembly instructions
[MAYBE] - Show t-states for selected block
[MASSIVE MAYBE] - Map Editor (big maybe)
[MASSIVE MAYBE] – Port to Mono….. hmmmmmmm…..



Download HERE

(open the zip, and run the setup file)